you know what really sucks..? Knowing you are always 2nd best. It feels like I am no ones first choice, ever (in terms of guys). I have always been the 2nd choice. What is wrong with me? Why is it like this?

I’ve pretty much given up and all I’m doing now is fucking around with some guys. I just want for once something to work out. They have all just lead me along and me being so gullible, I believed that there was a chance. This guy at work has really done a number on me, totally leading me on and then bam, nothing. And I have to fucking work with him and pretend everything is ok. What the fuck is wrong with me?

r i c h i e  g e c k o  |  i n  e v e r y  e p i s o d e  |  p i l o t

It’s so rare, that…